Quando when Quando

Vera was listening to the linedancer magazine chart show hosted by Steve Crosby on sky radio when she heard Engleburt humberdink singing Quando Quando Quando. Steve Crosby said there was a dance called The Dink & Vera asked Steve to email her the sheet When she got it & learnt it the dance wasn't good for the level of our classes at the time so she phoned Teresa & asked her to come round & even though Teresa didn't want to leave her housework she come over! Haha.

We then played the track & came up with Quando When Quando in about fifteen minutes! it just seemed to flow! We taught it at our classes & even got them to make marracas to make it more fun. Teresa always likes adding hip bums to everything so you now know that the hip bumps are hers & every other dance that we've ever had hip bumps in! Haha.

There was a website out at the time run by a chap called Michael John from Blackpool. It had a dance chart & big dance database Vera sent our sheet off to him & he taught it & really promoted the dance for us. So it's a big Thank You to Michael John for really pushing Quando out there.

One of our biggest thrills was seeing Quando at number one in the linedancer charts & going to the crystal Boot awards for the first time seeing hundreds of people all dancing it together. It was amazing. Since then we have been very lucky to have had a few popular dances & to be asked to teach all over the UK.

A couple of the biggest highlights were when we were asked to go & teach at Tamworth Country Music Festival in Australia as the UK Linedance Representatives & probably the biggest highlight to date was when we were asked to help choreograph, teach & appear in a video of Sir Paul Cartneys Brown Eyed Handsome Man. We stopped touring a few years ago & took a break from choreography, since then we have built our classes up & been consentrating on doing socials & our own weekend events.

We have been very lucky in having such supportive people at our classes & really value them. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be where we are now. They are now our good friends. We have made some amazing friends from all over the world & there's not many jobs where you can say that!

We both still love Linedancing & hopefully will continue to do so for many years Thank you to Rob Fowler & team for honouring Quando when Quando & to everyone who has taught & danced it. Luv T&V. Xx

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