6th - 9th NOVEMBER 2020


On Fri 6th November 2020 Legends is taking you on a Journey through Time, to the future to check out legends who are still to be & also into the past to check out legends of old. 
we invite you to join us on our quest for another adventure, 
We are moving from the Norbreck Castle to an amazing Venue in North Wales .Situated Close to Snowdonia National Park Beatiful Lakes Castles and much more.
The Luna Ballroom has an awesome atmosphere and a wooden sprung dance floor big enough to hold a massive Event
If you look at our legends on this event remember they are legends of the future and now so its a great mix of talent. In the 1st 2 years we released a dance list of dances to be played before the event with every 5 songs a 3 song gap for new requests  
With the success of the over 21s Club Time In Line we invite anyone of you whos club has been running for over 21 years to let us know, we can then add you to our Legends Clubs

The Admin team are bedded in all ready to go, so climb on board the time machine and visit different times in line
Prices below 

 Friday - Monday morning  (3 nights,2 days ) 
The Event is Self Catering 
Breakfast and evening meals available on Shop 

Price £129 
       Deposit Plus Interim Due £100pp 

  The Balance will be due August 1st 2020


We Have an Amazing team with us this year 

the Fantastic Niels Poulsen joins us and will be 

putting you through your paces with new and old dances


Roy Verdonk is back with us again with his incredible dance team, which keep pushing the boundrie's of our dance form

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                              3 nights at 2020 legends in line