Legends In Line In Partnership with 7 Arrow Media


  Legends In Line U.S.A.

We are very Happy to announce that we have joined forces with 7 Arrow  Media to presnt a fantastic event with all the Legends in Line and new faces to keep them on there toes, 

Legends has been running for 4 years and has been a great way to reconnect with the past while keeping the future of line dance in focus for all levels to enjoy.

 We are Now in a Virtual World and legends and & 7 Arrow Media want to keep you connected and entertained through a brand new set of Internet TV Channels Called "VTV" Virtual TV  "Click here" for more INFO 

Legends In Line U.S.A. 

A weekend with a Fantastic Mix of Old and New Dances. As you can see above house hold names who are truely Legends and also we are searching for the Unsung Hero's of Country and Line Dance.

We are building a history in Country and Line dance and Inviting anyone who has been Running Classes or a Club for over 21 years to Contact us. 

We Would Like to Pay Tribute to them for all there hard work dedication and sacrifice to keep the Dance world Evolving. They can send us a bio of there classes or Club when they started where, send pictures from the past all the way up to the present day even if they have retired we would like to show them they mattered .

Send us any information to