Hedy McAdams

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32 count, 2 wall Intermediate dance


Stanford Law grad and former mediator is a world-renowned line dancer

She has always been high-energy, artistic, and a bit quirky. When I was still practicing law in the Bay Area, I enjoyed my friendship withHedy McAdams, for those attributes—and because she is just, plain fun! After I left California, she visited me once or maybe twice, and we now only occasionally exchange a quick and newsy e-mail.

But I have followed her career path. After earning her JD at Stanford, she became a mediator. She also became one of the best-known choreographers of line dancing in the world. Hedy did not set out to do the dancing thing, but she visited a class with a boyfriend, fell in love with country line dancing, discovered her aptitude for it, and soon was enjoying great success. (The boyfriend has long been history.)

Here are a couple of articles about this Stanford Law School grad doing something other than practicing law. From "Choreographer Has Line On Lively Steps" (San Francisco Chronicle):

During the day, Palo Alto resident Hedy McAdams negotiates domestic crises in her job as a family law mediator.

But at night, she guides enthusiastic dancers through the steps of country line dances . . .  .

"I'm the only Stanford Law School graduate that I know of who is teaching country western dancing,'' she says.

An article "Rhapsody in boots: Local lawyer brings elegance to country line dancing" (Palo Alto Online) tells more of McAdams's story, including that she promotes and studies line dancing in part because it is a way to keep the aging brain active.

In 2007, Hedy closed her mediation practice but she's carried on dancing.

   2016 heady very sadly past away this year and the country dance world has lost a touch of class but she leaves a legacy that will live on the dance floor forever 

Thankyou Hedy