18-21st October 2019
Pakefield Pontins Lowecroft

On Friday the 18th October 2019, Legends in line have assembled an amazing cast of artist DJs and Choreographers to give you an amazing event. As we pay tribute to the past while still fully promoting the future of country and line dance.
We have come so far in linedance and as it moves forward this is our chance to dance some of the old favourites and say thankyou to instructors and teachers who have kept it going for so long.

We have Run 5 Legends Events in all 3 in Blackpool including Norgwarts and 2 in Scotland all have been very much enjoyed by you the dancers.

Legends in line 2019 is under an amazing new admin team who will inform you all the way to our event. If your a group your very welcome, A couple or you want to come on your own, its always an amazing exciting event to attend

As in Blackpool we are offering 2 ballrooms, the open cd ball celebrating this years dances of legend taken from the "LINE DANCE FEVER ALBUMS" 
Which in the 90s with no internet were a must have for all classes and dancers alike. A list of dances from each Cd will be added to the dances played over the weekend and you will know very soon the dances to practice.
We have an amazing list of instructors who will teach new dances from themselves or there choice, which makes for a fantastic mixture, also Lots of gaps for brand new dances to be danced on the floor.

We Welcome some new faces to the Legends team in Pakefield, All who are established Names on the circuit Exciting new DJs. A fusion of Different styles mixed together in 1 place, 

 Max , Racheal , Rob , Kim , Michelle , Jo & Laura, Peter & Alison , Adrian ,Craig , Raymond , Mark , Gary , Jonny , Pat , Terresa & Vera & Gary 

Im sure you will agree 3 nights of Fun Dance & Drama                    Book Now Click Below


We are taking over the whole camp at Pakefield so we have 2 rooms the 2nd room is our Legends Country Live, We have the best in British Country old and new to give you a variety of amazing live music to enjoy

Legends Live Present;

John Dean, Memphis Roots, Nadine Somers, Glenn Rogers, Calico, Natalie Thurlow and not Forgetting Ethan Allen all True Legends

Our Very own Michelle Risley will be Hosting the Country Room and sure to keep the weekend  "LIVE & FUN" 

Group bookings Book online Click Here     or Contact us at   reservations.legendsinline@gmail.com

Attention !!

Please note as well as the Deposit Payment of £40 there will be an Interim Payment of £60 by April 2nd 2019